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[ ohmymarina. ]

she's the beautiful equivalent to every ounce of aura that fills my soul. she's perfect in everyway. she has the most spectacular accent, and yet, she speaks all of russian&english&spanish&german purely and perfectly. there isn't a flaw about her that i do not see. she's the marina to my jenny, a love short lived only this one seems like it could last a lifetime.

i do not know where this relationship will go, or the path that we will pave together, but i do know that i am content in my happiness with her right now.

her name is gretta, after gretta garbo, and sarah has formed this habit of calling her "nino," or even sometimes stretching it as "ninotchka," which ends up making mine&gretta's insides erupt in laughter and love. fireworks.

but she found me. she's joy's step-sister (one of the other dancers) and she got my number from her and sarah snuck her into the house and surprised me.

and now we're completely meshed, laying in my bedroom floor on my feather mattress in our underwear, caressing each other's skin and smiling and laughing, knowing that physicality isn't rushed between us.

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