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sarah left last friday... her daddy died.
she didn't know him that well, but it's all her stepmother's fault... i wish i knew the right words to say to make everything all right, but she can't deal with things in indiana, so she's coming back here on monday. she's staying with us for about two months, she might move in, she's just not sure yet... everything will be okay-- i hope.

as for me and kristine, i finished my last week of training at work, and i have officially decorated my desk with pictures of me and kristine and the boys, me sitting on the drumkit... on the tour bus... banners and stuff... between me and kristine we have our own little 30stm merch tables in our own office.

but i feel bad for kris, you know? i mean, after everything that's happened with her and jared, she still loves him and i completely understand that. i just hope that everybody will be okay. maybe i'll do some yoga with kristine here in a little bit and with sarah when she comes back that will help us clear our auras and everything.

nino is making us milkshakes later on tonight... she's so beautiful, it's time i post a picture... :).

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i wish i had a better one, it's the only one i could sneak off her...

she's my life, my love, my marina. my sin, my soul, ninotchka.
the light of everything inside me.
and i think she just rang the doorbell.

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