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it's been a little while since you all got one of these from me...
most of my posts have been friends only, and for good reason.

i've been rather confused lately, i find myself in a state of trance that i suppose only i can help... and nino...

nino and i haven't quite been together for a month... and things seem like they've always been perfect this way. it's strange but in a wonderous way... there's been some talk circulating around the apartment and around the club in the wee hours of the morning that nino and i should have a handfasting ceremony (if you don't know what one is... look it up...) and we've been considering it.

she's so perfect it hurts.

the boys called here again, kristine and jared seem to be talking, but i'm not going to jinx anything because it's horrible to do so. we weren't invited to the awards (well, we were, but not officially...) but because of everything going on with jared and kristine and press and him being just a downright douche, we didn't go... go figure.

sarah seems to be doing really well though, she loves her room and she keeps me and kristine full with her hot mexicano meals... she follows our diet though and we dance it off at the club every weekend.

speaking of which, two things have happened:

- i've lost another ten pounds, which is amazing.

- sarah got a job.

yes, that's right, sarah got a job... it's wonderful! we were a little worried that she'd have to join us at bayar HELLcare... but she actually did really well for herself. here's what happened:

so, she's hanging out with us after hours, and mr. owner is sitting around having a drink with us (FUCKING TWILIGHT ZONE SHIT, NO KIDDING!!!) and she simply asks him if he knows where any dance studios are (because she wants to take classes.) he tells her that his daughter dances at one and that their teacher recently quit. so the next day, she drives down to the studio and auditions for them, and would you know it? she's the new ballet teacher. she's heading a production in the next couple of months, but before then she has some solo shoes that he's gonna let us use the club for. it's amazing you guys, she knows the dance to "white houses" by vanessa carlton, and that's the first solo show that she does. and... surprise... she wants kristine and i to join her in a rendition of "the kill/a beautiful lie" mix by 30 seconds to mars... and... coincidentally... a miss that d.j. johnson put together.


i'll update more later, i have to go cuddle up under the covers with my ninotchka.
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