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haven't been online in a couple of days... well, maybe just long enough to log on and off, check my email, but that's been about it.
me and kristine have been really busy, today we went to the flea market and got some videos and some bath stuff from this avon lady... really cool stuff... reminds me of the flea market back at pipestem when i was home, only this one is in a field and not on a gravel drive-in movie parking lot. lolz.

we ended up getting primal fear and the hand that rocks the cradle. both really good movies, and we just finished watching them. kristine is taking a bubble bath right now, so i figured i'd hop on and let you guys know how everything's been in my neck of the woods.

i talked to mum today, she and the girls are doing fine, they've kinda not forgiven me for moving out here and so far away, but she did start talking about grandchildren and told me that i should adopt an indonesian baby (since i'm gay and won't be able to pick my partner... basically.)

so, yeah, i think i'll look for international orphanages and then about the time kristine and i move to canada with dino and i graduate college and get financially stable, my world should be ready for a pretty tan face around the house. :).


okay, can't adopt an indonesian baby... here's why:

Prospective adopters must satisfy the criteria set out by the Indonesian Government for the adoption of Indonesian children by foreigners. There have been a number of instances in which Americans have been poorly advised (by legal practitioners) and have entered into fostering/adoption arrangements which, even though endorsed by local courts, do not meet the requirements of Indonesian adoption law. Adoptions which do not meet these requirements will not meet the requirements for the grant of permanent residence visas.

Note: Americans intending to adopt a child in Indonesia should not attempt to circumvent the proper processes.

Indonesian Government Criteria for Prospective Adopters Prospective adoptive parents will need to meet the following requirements:

* Couples must be between 30 - 45 years of age
* Married for a minimum of 5 years
* Resident in Indonesia for at least 2 years with a permit issued by the local authorities (Rukun Tetangga, Rukun Warga, Kelurahan, Kecamatan), and a letter from the Embassy in Jakarta (a statement of Domicile)
* Couples can be either childless, have one of their own children or have previously adopted an Indonesian child
* Believe in God
* Both parents must appear at the Court hearing
* The adoptive child must be less than 5 years old
* The adoptive child must be in the care of a registered and authorized social welfare organization

Recent legislation also stipulates that an adoptive child must be of the same religion as the adoptive parents. Where the religion of the child's natural parents is not known, the child will be deemed to be Muslim.

so, okay, that leaves these two websites to consider:

i'm thinking the second one, it has more options... perhaps a nice russian kid? lolz. those were my megness' exact words. i'm talking to her tonight... wish i were there in princeton with her and baby adam.

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