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If you had your choice of any celebrity or fictional character (living or dead) who would you choose to be the following:

1. Who is your best friend? lou, from the book how the light gets in.
2. Who is your mother? juliet mills (as her portrayal of tabitha lennox from passions.)
3. Who is your father? joseph mascolo (as his portrayal of stefano dimera from days of our lives)
4. Who are your older & younger siblings? older - alison sweeney (as her portrayal of sami brady from days of our lives,) younger - dakota fanning.
5. Who is your prom date? lisa vicious.
6. Who do you have a no-strings-attached one-night stand with? michelle lamour.
7. Who do you date for a year or two? nadia bjorlin (as her portrayal of chloe lane on days of our lives.)
8. Who do you marry? nadia bjorlin (as her portrayal of chloe lane on days of our lives.)
9. Who is your boss? megan mullaly (as her portrayal of karen walker on will&grace.)
10. Who is/are your next door neighbor(s)? i'd live on the corner of a street, so my neighbours would be the osbournes.

1.Where was your default [myspace] pic taken?
in mine and kristine's pink bathroom.

2.What "threads" are you sportin' right now?
two white tank tops and melon coloured pajama shorts.

3.What is your dilemma as of now??
morning breath.

4.What makes you happy the most?

5.What song is blastin' in your brainium?
something by rihanna.

6.Would you marry any celebrity?
i think so.

7.Who's got the same birthday as you?
jeff buckley and a few other good names (rock hudson, martin scorsese.)

8.Ever sung in front of a crowd?

9. Ever been told you look like someone famous/infamous?
alison sweeney, anna nicole smith, pink, kirsten dunst.

10.Do you still watch the kiddy shows?
kristine and i are totally diggin' on the fairly odd parents right now.

11.Speak any other languages?
russian and spanish.

12.Has anyone passed away you were really close to?

13.Do you ever watch MTV?
kristine and i watch the my super sweet sixteen and make fun of all the little whiny bitches on there.

14.What's a big annoyance to you?
too many things to name.

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