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[ eight six seven five three oh nine. ]

starting song line up for sunday (this plus whatever dj johnson can think of) for sunday:

1. you spin me round (like a record) - dead or alive.
2. der kommissar - after the fire.
3. rapper's delight - sugarhill gang.

then we break into a block "party."

4. white wedding - billy idol.
5. rebel yell - billy idol.
6. mony mony - billy idol.
7. l.a. woman - billy idol.

and then back to normal.

8. china girl - david bowie.
9. blue monday - new order.
10. video killed the radio star - the buggles.

another rock block.

11. material girl - madonna.
12. like a virgin - madonna.
13. dress you up (in my love) - madonna.
14. like a prayer - madonna.


15. sweet dreams - the eurythmics
16. whip it - devo
17. i love rock n' roll - joan jett&the black hearts.
18. pat benetar - hit me with your best shot.

&that's all we really have right now... so, tyler's (that's dj johnson's first name) gonna think of the rest.

good... sleep!

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