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[ if i didn't know any better, i'd say i have a hangover... ]

oh... my... god...

in honour of 80s night, sarah, kristine&i decided to go to the mall and buy some new clothes... aside from the possibilities at home that we already had.

i got them.
i got that fucking white pair of stiletto go-go boots.
i lost ten pounds last week and a half to get them, too... (just so it wouldn't hurt as much whenever i walked in them.)

sarah tried them on, too... i almost shit myself. she's drop dead fucking gorgeous in white.

kristine looked amazing, as always, she was wearing a pair of fishnet thigh high stockings, white ballet slippers, neon pink and green tights, a torn up pair of denim shorts, a black off the shoulder sweatshirt, and a bunch of funky necklaces and ringpops. :).

sarah looked stunning (but who could expect any less?) as she swayed her way out of my bedroom she was wearing a pair of jelly shoes, black capri leggings, a pink fishnet undershirt and a bright robin's egg blue top over it.

i, on the other hand, decided to do the whole madonna thing...

i was wearing a pair of very sleek, very tiny fishnet stockings (this house has a thing for fishnet, as you can tell...) my white stiletto thigh high boots, a very short black leather mini skirt (well, actually, pleather... i respect the animals...) a peach/pink corset with black lining, and... oh, god, i can't believe i actually wore... a cone bra. lolz. that's right, i borrowed one from one of the madonna fan drag queens out here in these parts, and it has got to be the funniest fucking thing i've ever done. i danced three songs with it on and then took it off... it was constricting my movements.

just for shits and giggles, here's sarah (on the far right) with farmer ted (middle) and kiki ghost (far left)!

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kristine and i kept dodging the camera, and every picture that did get taken of us were snapped either dancing or COMPLETELY DRUNK!!!

so... after about an hour, tyler thought he'd be a smartass and play "breakdown" by tom petty&the heartbreakers. okay... here are the rules accompanying that song:

number one: you can not, not, NOT under any circumstances wear a cone bra while listening to or dancing to it.

number two: if the opportunity arises, always have a gorgeous woman dancing with you to it.

and number three: you can never, ever, EVER dance to it and NOT shake your ass/hips.

and yeah... needless to say, i followed all three of these rules... sarah's drunk, right, and tyler is a fucker and puts this song on (it's got some sort of weird trance intro to it though, which totally goes against the rules of 80s night...) and at this point sarah's so far gone that she starts reaching for the cage and i signal for ren to let her get in. so, he takes this ladder and literally has to drag her up it to put her in the cage with me.

and she gets in.

with each passing second it feels like her drunkiness has worn off (why is it that drunk people can only dance WHEN they're fucking drunk?!) and she starts swaying to the music with me.

and the next thing i know, money is being thrown into the cage and i realize that i'm shaking my ass and hips. and i look down and notice every fucking body is staring up at us (and kristine in the next cage who is also swaying her hips to the music...) but they're mostly staring at how sarah's arms are gliding across her own hips.

she's like this whole other person and she has this aura about her... if she were gay i'd ask her to be my girlfriend.

in that moment, we were infinite.

i spent the next three minutes in a daze watching that glow around her, until i realized that my face was just inches away from kissing her... and then i stopped myself. i wasn't about to take advantage of something like this.

the music stopped and ren helped her down from the cage&ladder because she was coughing so hard he thought she might hurl.

and she did. i looked down as tyler put another song on, and saw this brunette beauty staring at me from the bar, raising a martini in approval. she was tall, dark, and just... sigh worthy.

and as if it weren't bad enough that i almost kissed a really good friend of mine (a straight friend, at that,) when we finally finished up for the evening, i was walking back to costumes&dress with kristine and sarah and the other kiddos when that tall, dark, and sigh worthy beauty was just inches from my ear and whispered something in russian that totally enamored me.

it was later when i realized that she had said, "you're so sexy when you dance."

i want to know that girls name.
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