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[ and it's been a while, but all that shit seems to disappear when i'm with you... ]

my sarah came back today!

so, of course, she came in really fucking early this morning (like three a.m.) and kristine and i had to drag our happy asses over to the airport and pick her up, and then we got to the apartment, and surprise! sarah had her very own room waiting for her. :). we turned the computer/game room into her room and moved the computers into the living room and the pool table into the dining room since we never use it. :). should have thought of that in the first place.

we set up all these ballerina pictures and bright colours filled with spiritual messages to help sarah cope with her painful loss... her room is prolly fucking cooler than mine! :).

then we had another surprise for her. she had to come to wvu with me and kristine for wvu's FALLFEST!!!

you can bring a guest to fallfest that doesn't go to the school, so basically i had marshall bring me, adam get kristine in, and joel bring sarah. it worked out perfectly. sarah and kristine and i all cried during the staind set, the wreakers were pretty good for michelle branch "selling out" and going to country... the roots were a little iffy because they were just... i dunno. and we didn't get to see redman but motion city soundtrack were actually pretty fucking great in concert.

so, we're lodging up in the mountaineer inn for the night and returning to salt lake city tomorrow!

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