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[ here is something you can't understand. ]

another week, another great show coming up...

as you all know, sarah has now officially moved in with us and gotten a job at the dance studio downtown (but you would have already known that if you read the last entry.)

ninotchka and i (or gretta, for those of you who can't learn nicknames) are doing very well... there's no pressure there to go any further with this relationship than we already have, she goes back and forth from sleeping in my bedroom at the apartment to hanging out with me at the club, and she's actually signed up for one of sarah's tango classes. sarah isn't the dominant teacher in that one, some forty year old man is, sarah is merely his partner, but she really... what's the word?... ACCENTUATES him... he's pretty attractive, but not as much as she.


this weekend is "core week" at the club, dj johnson is putting together lists of hardcore songs that we can dance to... there's going to be a lot of rage against the machine and slipknot, but i'll let you guys know for sure what the playlist that me and kristine choose (and actually, sarah too, since she's a big music buff. :).)

the boys actually MAILED us a big chunk of their winning vma cake... it wasn't that bad, actually, for food that had been packaged in a freaking ICE BOX for three days... lolz. we had to let that bitch THAW, but it tasted fabulous.

there's a show coming up in november, and the boys want us to be merch whores. sarah made a good point yesterday in pointing out that we didn't get paid for the last gig that we did (actually, kristine and i only remember getting paid ONCE and that was for the show before last that we did-- before sarah got here...) so we brought it up to tomo when he called... he threw a FIT immediately and called us back at the apartment a few hours later. we're getting paid... :). hell YES.

speaking of tomo, he's getting chubbier... it's so cute.

that's all for now, kiddies.

edit: sarah... ken just called here at work, joy got sick (flu or some shit...) and he needs you to dance this weekend... all weekend... and maybe next weekend... can you do it?

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